Finding high growth companies

Find high-growth companies on our platform in two easy ways.

What are high-growth companies?

High-growth companies are businesses that experience rapid and sustained expansion in their key metrics, such as revenue, earnings, or market share. 

We measure company growth rates in our platform, categorising companies into one of the five following growth stages: 

  • Shrinking fast - <-20% company growth percentage per year
  • Shrinking - between -20% and -10% company growth percentage per year
  • Stable - between -10% and +10% company growth percentage per year
  • Growing - between +10% and +20% company growth percentage per year
  • Growing fast - >20% company growth percentage per year

We have developed our own methods for estimating company growth rates even when only limited data is available, for example where employee counts are reported infrequently or have not been reported recently.

Many of our users and customers are interested in pinpointing high-growth companies in emerging sectors. Whilst each use case is different, here are a few ways to get started: 

Finding high-growth companies

Finding high-growth companies from our platform can be done in two ways  

  1. Using the 'Sort by': on the EXPLORE
  2. Using the Growth feature on FILTERS 

Using 'Sort by' on EXPLORE:

When a user selects Company Growth: high to low from Sort by, it will sort companies based on their growth rate.

The growth percentage is based on an average of the estimated employee growth and the estimated turnover growth. If only one value is available, it only uses the single property for the overall growth score. 

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Using the Growth Feature in FILTERS

Users can also use the growth feature on our filter in EXPLORE to source high-growth companies. Just set the details you need and click update. It retrieves relevant companies in few seconds.